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Registration is particularly valuable now. ALL is getting ready to experiment with hybrid classes, i.e. simultaneously online and in-person. The determination of which classes to offer in the hybrid format depends partly on which classes are most subscribed. Hello to Everyone, and Welcome to ALL: It is with much pleasure that my fellow Board members and I welcome you to ALL, now in its third decade. I am relatively new to the group, having joined at the height of the Covid Pandemic. During this time, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities ALL offered, with a broad variety of engaging talks. Last year we added a feature which I, for one, appreciate—the ability to view recordings of many of the talks for a period of 30 days after the scheduled time. As we get back out into the world and have other obligations, it’s nice to know that a talk we really wanted to attend remains available, even when we are unable to attend “live”. While we will remain online for most of fall semester, we have a committee working hard on a hybrid version. This way, those who miss in-person talks may attend and socialize, while those who are unable to attend a talk in person can still benefit from viewing the topics being presented, either live via the hybrid system or later as a recording. Stay tuned for updates! Many from our community have invested themselves in ALL and its mission in various roles. We invite you to participate in various planning committees, the Board of Directors, the Curriculum Committee, and other groups that manage and expedite technical matters, including online and hybrid classes, and the website. We look forward to another school year, full of interesting talks on multiple topics, led by a wide range of enthusiastic speakers. Wendy McIlroy Board Chair


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