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Greetings to One and All: It is with much pleasure that my fellow Board members and I welcome you back to ALL, now the inaugural year of its third decade. Way back in 2002, as a recently retired OSU professor of music, I became one of its first members and found myself delighted by the wide host of opportunities ALL offered -- indeed the broad variety of engaging talks, various planning committees, the Board of Directors, Curriculum Committee, and other groups that manage and expedite technical matters, now online classes and the website. Many of us have benefited from our engagement in these enterprises. For me, it was teaching 43 classes, organizing and hosting plenty of sessions on the Global Topics strand, and six years chairing the Curriculum Committee -- a few examples of what we can do to enable the grand enterprise for ALL to flourish, as it enriches the lives of us who bask in our retirement years. Needless to say, I'm just one of many who have invested themselves in ALL and its mission. We invite you to join the Board, the Curriculum Committee, and other groups to maintain and manage its growth over the ensuing time. The future of ALL depends on it! We remain aware of the realities of the pandemic, variants forecast to come, and the vulnerabilities of our age group. Mindful of these caveats, classes this fall term will continue to be online, likely pretty much the same winter and spring terms, while we remain alert to whatever unforeseen changes that might emerge in the risk category, so we can accommodate accordingly. Reminds me of the adage attributed to Augustus, first emperor of ancient Rome, Festina lente (Make haste slowly). So we look forward to seeing you as we make haste speedily as our classes get underway in a scintillating school year. David Eiseman Board Chair


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