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Most class notes are stored on Google Drive. To view and/or download items stored on Google Drive, you do NOT need to have an account or sign in. If you do already have an account, Google may ‘helpfully’ ask you to sign in--this is not required to view or download ALL Class Notes. The Class Notes links will open a new tab or window depending on your browser settings. OSU Arts and Education 6/2/2022 Peter Betjemann provided his slides. State of Benton County 5/31/2022 Nancy Wyse provided her slides. Nick Furth provided his slides and slides from the Criminal Justice Assessment. Climate Crisis - Then and Now 5/25/2022 Scott Gianelli has provided slides. Housing in Corvallis 5/18/2022 Brigetta Olson and Paul Bilotta have provided their slides. ViewPlus 5/3/2022 John Gardner has provided slides. Unity Shelter 5/3/2022 Shawn Collins has provided slides. Scaling from Single Cells 4/19/2022 Kimberly Halsey has provided links related to the presentation: Which phytoplankto are you? Marine carbon cycle game. Weather, Climate 4/19/2022 Hilary Boudet has provided slides. Afghanistan 4/14/2022 David Fenner has provided slides and a resource list. Marys Peak 3/30/2022 Dave Eckert has provided a link to a video: Marys Peak Field Trip 2020. Intrinsically Disordered Proteins 3/1/2022 Afua Nyarko has shared slides and an article. Great River Road 2/22/2022 Louise Marquering has provided a Time article and some facts about the Mississippi River. Oregon School Boards 2/17/2022 Vince Addams has provided his slides. Corvallis Community Band 2/10/2022 Steve Matthes provided slides and links to the videos. Nutrition and Cancer Prevention 2/8/2022 Emily Ho has provided slides. Hadassah 2/3/2022 Peg Elefant has provided slides and links. Voting Rights 2/1/2022 Marisa Chappell has provided links to videos and suggested readings. Marine Mammals 2/1/2022 Lisa Ballance has provided a link to her slides. (not on ALL’s Google Drive) World They Don’t Deserve 1/20/2022 Kathleen Moore has provided references. Green Genesis 1/18/2022 Sheldon Greaves has provided slides. Waste Breeds Waste 1/11/2022 Joel Geier has provided slides. Two Koreas 1/5/2022 Cliff Meneken has provided two timelines to keep matters in persective: Earth History, Korean War. Wiring the World 12/2/2021 Paul deLespinasse has provided a pre-class handout and a link to a video. Music at End of Life 11/18/2021 David Grube, Naomi Hirsch and Beatrice Rose have provided references, Threshold Choir slides and Lumina Hospice slides. Enneagram 11/16/2021 Karyn chambers has provided slides and a quick sorting test. Youth & Family Homelessness - Schools Response 11/9/2021 Sarah Devine has provided slides. C2C Trail 11/11/2021 Louise Marquering and Gary Chapman have provided slides on the history of C2C as well as hiking the trail. They have also provided a link to the C2C webite. Home Energy Efficiency 10/26/2021 Nancy Evenson has provides slides and a link to supplemental information. YouCAN 10/21/2021 Debra Higbee-Sudyka has provided slides. Emotions, Generosity & Your Brain 10/19/2021 Christina Karns has provided resources and slides. Misinformation 10/14/2021 Bonnie Brzozowski has provided a resource list and examples of logical fallacies. She has also provided a link to her slides. (Not on ALL’s Google Drive.) Black Lives Matter

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